In the luminous products, the use of luminous paint is very extensive. And it’s ranging from outdoor ground construction to crafts production.

In our life, many people like DIY and make something they like. Glow Technology is not only to analyze the luminous products, but also to teach you to use luminous paint and stones, so that you can make somthing you like.

Today, Glow Technology teaches everyone to use luminous paint and make a luminous starry bottle. The starry bottle is a decoration and we can also place it at home. So let’s take a look at the steps.

Ⅰ. Props Preparation

Prepare a clean and beautiful glass bottle, two colors of luminous paint and a glass rod (you can use chopsticks or brush without glass rods).

Ⅱ. Start DIY

Use a glass rod to dip a small amount of glow paint. Then paint the inside the glass bottle (please note paint the bottom of the glass bottle at first).

Ⅲ. Complete

After complete the production, then put the luminous starry bottle in a light environment. Make sure the energy of the star bottle is filled, then place the starry bottle in a dark environment, you will enjoy the shinning luminous effect.

The luminous starry bottle made of luminous paint is very beautiful at night, and there are many ways to make starry bottles.

You can make your own favorite patterns according to your own ideas. And the starry bottles can decorate your room. So turn off the lights and up the room to a new height.